How to Deal with a Damaged Pressure Washer Hose


If you have owned a pressure washer for some time, you have experienced a hose leak. At times it can come from touching the hose on the exhaust in a gas-powered washer. Sometimes it can result from bad luck and old age. If you meet such a problem, you will have to choose. You either throw your machine and buy a brand new one or repair the hose. Do you want to buy a replacement pressure washer hose or a hose repair kit? At some point, the repair kit is the best and easiest option.

You can’t fix your hose leak the same way you can fix your garden hose. The added patch isn’t long-lasting because the high pressure will make the patch lose. A tiny patch on a leak can lead to severe injuries if it bursts open and the water gets to your body. The least that can happen is getting soaked, and you won’t be able to continue with your scheduled chores of the day.

The plastic and wire mesh layers contain the pressure to distribute water via the hose. You need to shape and repair each layer correctly. If you don’t do it right, it won’t last forever.

Though it’s not a complex task to fix, it’s not for everyone. At some point, the best option is to replace the hose. The market is full of suitable hose kit replacements that you can buy. They will save your time. You can also use the professionals to fix the problem. You only need to search online for pressure washer repairs near me to get the options.

If you want to repair the machine hose, use the following steps

Start by switching off the machine power. If it’s an electric washer, make sure you unplug it from the socket. Long press the hose trigger to remove all water inside it. Check for the leak areas and dry the area. Make square cuts on all sides of the leak and measure the diameter of your hose. Get the right size compression. Many of the pressure washers at home are around 0.25 inches, but you need to check to be sure. Make compression seals with the compression gate fittings. Reverse the female thread and spin it counterclockwise when fitting it to the hose. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten it up. The male coupling repair fits on the inside of your hose tubing. Lubricate the tip using the motor oil. Use two different wrenches to tighten and connect the two pieces. You can also tighten it by placing the hose in a vice.

After all, this, connect to an M22 adapter. Screw up the M22 adapter into your pressure washer. Ensure the compression gate fittings are of the right size both outside and inside the hose.

Video demonstration of pressure washer repairing

Are you a person that will learn better from watching than reading about replacement high pressure hose? Videography about repairing your machine will help you. Search for the video and watch it to get the concepts.

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