Is a Mouse Pad Really Necessary?


Desktop mice have existed in some form or another for the majority of the past 50 years (or more, depending on your definition of innovation), And they’ve been partnered with mouse pads for almost all of that history. Unless you’re operating your desktop on a sand bed, new optical and infrared mice can navigate on almost any surface. So, what’s the point of a custom mousepad now?

Even though you’re not spending a fortune on a sophisticated “gaming” model, there are several evident and important benefits to utilizing a mouse pad nowadays.

Why Did Mouse Pads Become almost Extinct?

Many pc users had to just move their old ball-driven mouse across a desktop. Prior to the introduction of optical mice, however, mousepads played a vital function: they not only provided a nice and consistent tracking area, but they also assisted in keeping the tracking ball free of dirt, sweat, oils, and other junk.

From around the beginning of the century, Microsoft and Logitech released consumer-grade optical mice. They replaced the actual roller system with a compact and low-powered sensing device and LED combination.

These provided more constant monitoring on practically any ground as long as it wasn’t reflecting or clear, such as glass. And it does without the risk of dirt and oil accumulation that a traditional ball would have. Laser-equipped mice eradicated even those constraints several years down the line, and now you can obtain a cheap mouse that will detect almost any surface.

Mouse Pads Are Beneficial for Both Workstation and Mouse

Mousepads continue to perform a variety of critical tasks. To begin with, they prevent your desk from resembling a piece of wreckage. If not kept properly, the frequent vibrations of your mouse’s synthetic rubber feet against the top of your table will eventually wear the surface on most compressed wood, particleboard, leather, and sometimes even finished mahogany.

Mousepads protect the surface of your desk, preventing it from aging out over your preferred mousing location. Replacing a mouse pad is far less expensive than replacing your desktop table.

These issues will not occur with a high-quality wood desk that is routinely polished, or an impact-resistant or steel desk. However, the table isn’t the only thing to consider.

A Great Pad Makes PC Game A lot better

Even if you prefer your workspace to be free of any form of the mouse pad, you may also want to consider getting one. Especially, if you are using your computer for gaming frequently. A traditional mouse pad’s steady tracking is a big benefit to gamers. Particularly those who play fast-paced games like FPS or MOBAs.

Furthermore, “gaming” branded mousepads are typically larger, providing for reliable tracking with large, sweeping movements. Some specialized models will cover the entire desktop, even from under a keyboard and whatever else you’re using.


If you have an optical or laser mouse, you don’t need a pad for the mouse to function on almost any surface. However, a good quality mousepad can enhance your mousing experience in a variety of ways, from comfort to increased accuracy. In the end, it’s up to you whether or not you want to use a mousepad. But if you’re looking for the best possible mousing experience, a custom mousepad is definitely worth considering.

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