Applications Of A 48 Volt Solar Panel


The world is rapidly shifting to solar-powered systems because fossil fuels are depleting at an extraordinary rate. Solar systems are available in different categories like 24V,48V,12Vetc. The systems are more energy efficient as compared to conventional electric systems.

A 48v solar panel generates a sizeable amount of power. It is ideal for small businesses and other medium-tier power requirements. However, nowadays, most users are shifting towards 48V solar systems because they are more economical and budget-friendly. If you are investing in a 48V solar panel system, it is best to know it’s ideal use cases to understand whether it fits your needs.

Best Applications Of 48V Solar Panels

Although solar systems are scalable, it is best to know what applications a specific output value can handle.

Sizeable Household Needs

The power a solar panel produces mainly depends on its Ampere-hour value. For instance, there are 48V 200Ah and 48V 100Ah panels which produce different amounts of energy. Primarily, small to medium-sized businesses consume 15,000 to 50,000kWh of power.

If your requirement range is within the limit, then a 48V solar panel system is your go-to. Designing a system with 48V panels will prove much more resourceful and cost-effective than other panel versions like 12 or 24V.

Product Drying

Agricultural product drying is another common application for a 48V solar panel system because these plants usually have small to medium-tier power needs. The drying plants mainly dry substances like fish, milk, maize, wheat, etc.

If the drying equipment runs on grid electricity, the costs would be unbearably high. Hence, solar energy makes a commendable choice because of its economy.

Heating Systems

Water heating systems are essential in the winter season. Initially, these systems worked on fossil fuels; however, their depletion has caused the public to opt for solar energy.

Picking a 48V solar plate for designing a water heating system is worth consideration as it can produce a considerable amount of energy if paired with the proper batteries.


Household lighting is another everyday use of 48V panels. Most owners like to use 48V 100Ah panels to make solar systems for the household because they produce a suitable amount of energy to power up the lights.

However, it is essential to note that 48V panels fall under the ‘commercial’ category of power sources, so you must use a good battery backup to utilize the power entirely. Similarly, you can also deploy the system at a small café or a business building.

Irrigation Systems

Small or medium-level irrigation systems also use 48V solar systems. You can easily power tube wells and other pumping equipment present.

Solar panels generate the most energy during the summer season, and it is also the time when crops require the most water. Hence, you must switch to solar power to save more from your harvest.

Water Distillation

Fresh water is not rapidly available in some areas. Here water distillatories work to cope with the public’s water requirements. However, these machines are usually operated on electricity. Solar energy is a more reliable option.

Setting up a system made from 48V panels will help generate the needed energy, and you can store the excessive power in batteries for later use.

Final Verdict

Solar energy is gaining momentum rapidly because of its tremendous benefits. There are multiple sizes available for varying power needs. Commonly, 12 and 24V solar panels are best for small household applications.

However, if you want to design a solar system for your business, you need more power production rate. The 48V solar panels are ideal because they prove more cost-effective and efficient than smaller versions.

Firstly, you need to analyze your power requirements. Then comes the power production capacity of the panel, called the Ampere hour (100,200, etc.). Adding a smaller number of 48V plates can quickly achieve a high-power level. It will prove expensive if you try to gain it with 12 or 24V panels.

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