FIFA COINS: Investing in Players to Earn More


There are generally two types of investment that a trader can engage in to earn FIFA Coins; long-term investment and short-term investment. As a gamer of FIFA, you must engage in one or two of these investments because it is not every day you stumble on free fut coins.

1. Earning FIFA Coins on Short Term Investment

Correctly predicting the outcome of SBCs is a sure way of making a profit and increasing your FUT Coins balance. The easiest challenges are usually the Champions League and Marquee Matchups.

Before these challenges begin, the community on EA forums, Twitter, and other social media handles meet and try to predict which matches will be included in the SBCs. If these predictions are made in favor of a particular set of players, the prices of such players will increase.

For instance, if a Marquee game challenge that requires Arsenal players, the prices of Arsenal players including the low-rated ones will increase.

Another type of trading that is suitable for short-term investment is the OTW. With this card, you invest in players to earn more. People usually trade the card with the expectation that the players will perform well in the game.

Also, the card can be sold during before the team of the week automatically upgrades the card. OTW cards are best purchased when it is certain that they will not be upgraded by the weekly best team or when they are left on the bench for the team’s game.

2. Earning FIFA Coins on Long Term Investment

The price of some players may not rise till after a long period. These types of players are considered ideal for a long-term investment especially if you have no problem tying down a large number of coins in assets. Most low-rated players you bought at a very cheap price can sell at a very high price in the future enabling you to make huge profits.

Every player has a quick sale price also known as discard price. Team of the week players with that have ratings of 80 or lower will be available for transfer at a lower price.

If however, you can hold these players on your team for a long time, their values will rise way higher than their cost price and then you can sell for profit. Most times the more you hold a player, the greater are your chances of selling such players at a high price especially if they are eventually needed to complete an SBCs.

RTTF cards is another way of investing in players long term to earn more. During the season, as the teams advance towards Europa League and Champions League, their prices increase. Also, whenever a player’s team advances to the next round, the RTTF card will be upgraded and this greatly increases the value.


Whether a long-term investment or short-term investment, every trader wants to make additional FIFA Coins at the end of every investment. Note that while both types of investment have their up and downs, players are generally advised to subscribe to long-term investment because the longer you wait, the more your profit.


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