Egg Washer — A Complete Guide


Are you tired of using egg-washing brush to cleaning the eggs by hand? Is maximizing your time and money while washing eggs a priority for you? Whether you keep 500 or 5,000 chickens for egg production, you might benefit from investing in an egg washing machine.

What is Egg washer?

The automatic egg washer can clean all types of eggs, including chicken, duck, goose, quail, and others. Stainless steel is used to construct commercial egg-washing machines to maintain the eggs’ pristine cleanliness.

What does an Egg washer do?

The egg washer can clean, transmit, brush clean, inspect with light, and dry the eggs with air. Depending on the clientele’s needs, additional features like sterilization, oil spraying, along with egg tray placement can be added. Smart egg delivery is used throughout the cleaning to keep the eggs in one piece and risk-free.

What are the Benefits of Using an Egg washer?

Commercial egg washer is commonly used in bakeries, henhouses, and farms that produce various food and agricultural goods. Eggs are laid by hens when their ovaries have finished their reproductive process. Chicken poop and other contaminants will be transported on the released eggs. Potentially hazardous pollutants could be present in these materials.

The egg washer can work independently or with other egg processing equipment such as packers, graders, or breakers. The egg washer can be carried out with an oiler, and the washer comprises a washing portion, a rinsing section, and distinct drying systems. Robotics and automated handling can be added to egg washers to boost their hourly productivity.

When done correctly, washing table eggs benefits both the producer and the consumer. Eggs pose less of a health concern when washed, as the process removes most bacteria from the shell. The egg washer’s modular and standardized design makes it flexible enough to meet the needs of different capacities and levels of pollution.

How Does an Egg washer Work?

After cleaning, the large-scale egg washing production line transforms into an egg processing line having different facilities.


Eggs can be dried and sterilized in the air-drying along with sterilizing equipment after being washed. The machine’s primary function is to remove microorganisms from eggshells utilizing UV radiation. The machine is constructed with the best quality stainless steel and features frequency conversion for customization.

Oil Spraying:

The egg spray machine coats the eggs in a mineral oil safe for human consumption. Particles in the oil mist adhere to the eggshell’s surface, creating a thin layer of protection. Eggs will lose less moisture and be protected from bacteria in the outside world.

Egg Coder and Grader:

The egg printer can readily emboss a date and the manufacturer’s name directly into the egg. A grading machine for eggs is a piece of equipment used to sort eggs based on their weight. Eggs of varying sizes and masses can be moved using the machine and placed in appropriate receptacles.

Bottom Line:

The egg-cleaning machine comes in various configurations, including single-row, double-row, three-row, and six-row variants, each optimized for a different output volume. The machine can be altered to suit individual requirements.

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